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Home and Real Estate Staging

Thank you so much for transforming our house from a cluttered, average place to a sophisticated sparkling gem. Your eye for arranging furniture to maximum advantage combined with your ability to pick out the perfect decorating accents has garnered great reviews from prospective buyers. We are enjoying our “new house” so much! Sue, it has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you!

Sylvia H.
San Diego

The R.E.D. team (and specifically Sue Crum) has been working with A and B Capital Group on our property investments. The staging performed by Sue is artistically done to enhance the property sales potential which is very critical to our business. The properties have sold very quickly which exceeds our expectations. Thank you, Sue, for the invaluable support. Looking forward to our continued success.

San Diego Investor

How pleased I am with the staging process. You did everything that I asked of you, including working within my business and budget constraints. I appreciate your taste, tact and really hard work. I believe that the staging of my property will greatly enhance the timely sale and at the price which will more than offset the moderate cost of staging.

Don Dyson
San Diego Investor

Love it! It does not feel like we just moved in. It feels like home. Excellent! You did a FANTASTIC job!

The Fullers
La Jolla

Sue Crum with the R.E.D. team has been a tremendous help to me and the property owners. I found that she staged the home beautifully in a timely and professional manner. Sue went above and beyond to ensure the seller’s satisfaction and I would confidently utilize her services again.

Eugenia Garcia
Prudential California Realty
President’s Circle
Top 5% in the Nation

Hi Sue,

I really wanted to thank you for the staging work you did. It was an open, vacant house and you managed to really bring it to life. The photos for my brochure came out great because of the staging and I can’t tell you how many compliments I received about the arrangement and how well the property showed. I really believe that your staging helped bring in the buyers. Thanks so much to you and your team!

Many thanks!

Phoenix Elder,
Coldwell Banker

What a smart decision we made when we hired Sue! In just one appointment we received thorough and specific recommendations that we could implement immediately. On our own, I know we would have spent more money, time and energy, and not loved the results nearly as much! Whether you are a do-it-yourself type who needs a little guidance or you want someone with you every step of the way-Sue can give you the help you need to create the home you love.

L. Davis

Sue used her talents and style to stage a vacant home where I had the listing. We had many more serious lookers and potential buyers than I was expecting. We had it in escrow within 30 days!!

The cost of staging is really worth it because it works! …Home staging really helps to enhance the value of the property. For this project we realized over tenfold return on the investment in home staging. It is definitely worth it.

I sure am a believer and plan to use Sue and her talents on future staging projects, whether vacant or not. Thanks a million, Sue.

Harry Joseph
Prudential California Realty

Sue did the staging for a condominium I owned in downtown San Diego. I was blown away with her ability to make the place look inviting enough to buy! She listened carefully to what I felt was important to do to make it marketable, we connected well and when I saw pictures of her efforts, I was amazed at how inviting it looked and how well she had followed through with the contemporary look I wanted. Sue was anxious to please me (I live 3,000 miles away) and went to great lengths to do an outstanding job. The place has clean lines, beautiful color coordination ad tastefully arranged furniture and artwork.

I would highly recommend Sue for any staging job that needs to be done. She communicates very well and has the foresight to plan a display that would be pleasing to any potential buyer. Don’t hesitate to use her services; you will be pleased with the results!

Carolyn Krass
North Carolina

I wanted to “Thank You” for the very productive day you spent with me in our home. The services you and your company offer far exceeded my expectations. The cost of your program vs. the outcome is priceless. I cannot imagine moving forward with my home without taking advantage of the many programs you have to offer. We will see you soon.

Tamara S.
Rancho Santa Fe

Our new “house” feels like “home” after our session with Sue Crum from Reinventing Everyday Designs. We moved from a traditional patio home in the suburbs of Houston to a contemporary urban high rise condo in the San Diego area. We were challenged how to best display our artwork that worked so well in our Texas home. The afternoon Sue arrived all the art was propped up against the long hallway walls. She took a tour of our new space and chatted with us a bit to get to know us before going to work. She spent time pondering the various pieces of art and set them in the rooms where she thought they would best be displayed. We thought the large walls and long hallway would require new artwork, but Sue combined several pieces together in groupings that worked really well for those spaces. Her arrangements brought new life to pieces of art that we thought would not have a place in our new home. Thanks to Sue and her magic, we are surrounded once again with artwork we love in a new home we love.

Pat R.

My home has a “great room” which is very awkward when trying to place furniture. It threw me into indecision and an inability to do anything. Sue came to our home, listened and took pictures. Sue and her team came and spent six hours rearranging our Great Room. We had to be out of the house while this was going on. It was quite a “REVEAL”, just like on the HGTV and TLC shows, although we didn’t cry or say “I don’t believe this is my house.” Ed and I both love it, and we can now say this is truly a “Great Room”.

Ellen Thorpe

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