Staging Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I stage my house?
Staging your home to sell can set your property apart from the competition. For most people their house is their main investment. When one goes to sell this property you want to get the most money possible by having your house put its best foot forward. Bringing in an accredited staging professional (ASP) like Sue from the R.E.D. team will be money well spent.   

Staging to Stay will give your home that polished look that you’ve been dreaming about. By streamlining and repurposing when needed, using your own furniture, art and accessories will make you feel like you’re living in a model home, just for you.

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2. Can’t people just see the potential and possibilities without staging?
Most serious, qualified buyers have a difficult time seeing the potential in an unstaged property. People viewing your house tend to focus on the wrong things and miss the unique features your property has to offer. Having your house professionally staged gives you the advantage over the competition and sets your property apart from the crowd.  

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3. Many people call themselves stagers, what’s different about the R.E.D. team?
Many people call themselves themselves stagers and feel qualified to do staging because they have watched some of the TV shows or read a few books on the subject. Sue, the owner of the R.E.D. team, has had extensive training in staging. She is an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP), having been trained by Barb Schwarz’ team of experts. Barb is the creator and owner of Staged Homes, the largest organization of trained staging professionals. Sue has also been trained by IRIS, Interior Redesign Industry Specialists and IADA, Interior Arrangement and Design Association.

Some people have no plans to move. In fact they may have just moved in. Staging to Stay is one of Sue’s specialties, helping turn a new place, regardless of size, into something special. No need to go out and buy all new—let Sue see what you have and how it is working or not working. Together an action plan can be developed that may include a One Day Room Makeover or simply repurposing some furnishings to other locations in your home.

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4. How much does it cost to stage my house?
For those of you selling your property, the cost of staging it before listing it is much less than your first price reduction. By staging your house or condo you are setting yourself apart from the other sellers and making your property shine above the competition. If you are a realtor, Sue has a three-tiered program that could be very helpful for your business – ask about the Silver, Gold and Platinum Programs, or look at the "Walk-about Consultation" or "DIY Staging".

For homeowners the R.E.D. team offers several programs: The popular “Walk-about” Consult – ideal for the DIY (Do it Yourselfer). Sue will view the property and make specific suggestions for you to implement long before the realtors view your property or the real estate caravan is held.

The next level of service is the DIY Staging. This 2 hour package for the do it yourselfer includes an in-home consultation and a mini-staging session with an ASP (Accredited Staging Professional).

Light Staging is the next level of service by the R.E.D. team. This works in vacant properties or in homes that just require some light tweaking. This normally takes less than a total of 3 hours, including preview time. This is an economical way for investors and homeowners as well who are on a very limited budget but recognize their property is not in pristine showing condition and want to warm up the place.

Major Staging to Sell or Staging to Stay is the premiere package for the homeowner who wants something special. Sue (and her team, if necessary) can transform your property into something that stands out from the crowd. This can take as little as 4 hours or up to 8 hours, depending on the scope of the project.

See Staging Packages section or call Sue to discuss your needs.

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5. Do you have programs for the Do it Yourself person?

Yes – we have the popular “Walk-about Consultation" as well as the DIY - Two Hour Staging. The “Walk-about” is about one hour where you and Sue walk the property. Sue makes specific suggestions for you to enhance aspects of your home or condo.

The "DIY Staging" includes the "Walk-about Consultation" and a one-hour mini-staging session focusing on one of the main areas of your property. Learn the basic principals of staging from an expert and complete the staging on your own.

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6. Are you able to assist with the packing and the move itself?

Yes – the R.E.D. team is able to assist with the packing for you. We are relocation specialists and can help make this transition as stress-free as possible for you. We can coordinate your move with the moving company you have selected or recommend Manpower Movers or Priority Moving to you. On the day of the move if you are needing our assistance or needing us to be your eyes and ears we can be there for you.

If yours is a local move, we can follow the moving van or truck, coordinate the unload, unpack the boxes for you, putting items away and removing the boxes from your premises. In addition, the R.E.D. team can arrange your furnishings in your new home, and if you would like hang your art as well, making your new place into a home as soon as possible.

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7. Is the R.E.D. team bonded and insured?

Yes, the R.E.D. team is bonded through the American Contractors Indemnity Company and holds liability insurance through Golden Eagle Insurance. In addition, the R.E.D. team has a current business license in the city where the home office is located. These are important benefits of hiring the R.E.D. team. Be sure and ask others if they are licensed, bonded and insured.  

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8. How is Staging to Stay different than Staging to Sell?

Great question!

Staging to Stay is for folks who have either just moved and want the furnishings they bought for a previous place to look fabulous in their new home OR is for people who moved a while ago but have been pushing their furniture around trying to make it work and it’s just not working. Often a One Day Room Makeover by an experienced interior specialist and her team will be just the recipe for success for this home!

Staging to Sell is for folks wanting their home or investment property to look fabulous BEFORE putting it on the market (or freshening it up if the listing has gone stale). By Staging to Sell with an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP) like Sue the realtor or homeowner is separating this property from others on the market, so that it stands well above from the crowd.

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9. What do I need to do next?

Give Sue a call and ask how she can help you get maximum dollars on your home sale or how she can help stage your house to stay! Call today at 760.803.2786!  

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