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Teachers' Classrooms

Have you just started a new assignment?

Maybe changed grade levels or subject matter?

Perhaps you are in a new room, but have had no time to make it your own because you’re too busy teaching and planning lessons!!

Classroom Organization

Do you dream of having an organized classroom but are too beat at the end of the teaching day to stay late and make that happen?

With all the meetings, student interactions, paperwork and parents to contact, it’s hard enough to get organized, let alone stay on top of it once you are!

Are you just feeling overwhelmed, yet want so badly to have a fabulous experience for both you and your students?

Now may be the perfect time for Sue to lend a helping hand. With experience in all kinds of classroom settings, from Pre-school Head Start through High School and everything in between, this veteran educator can get you from messy and unorganized to streamlined and successful.

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