What We Do

Many of us in this economy have found the need to downsize. What we realized by the time the 21st century came along was maybe we didn’t need such a big place, or maybe the kids did go off on their own and stay settled elsewhere. Whatever the reason, often we are trying to make all the stuff from the larger place work in something much smaller.

I don’t call it downsizing because that just sounds too –well, down. At the R.E.D. team we call it “rightsizing” – getting it right for where you are right now in life.

It doesn’t mean forever and ever with no chance of change in sight. It just means that for right now this place will be the right size.

It becomes clear to us that it’s not about living with more that really matters. It’s making every moment matter, regardless of the size of our space.

Let the R.E.D. team get you settled in the right space for you so that you can focus on enjoying each and everyday.

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