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Garage and Storage Spaces

As much as I was tempted to write basements, I reminded myself we are in Southern California where basements are as few as snowstorms. How I miss my basement!

Here in the land of sun and fun we have to be creative with our storage spaces. Some of us have outgrown our storage areas where we live and have rented storage units to house items that don’t fit in our homes.

The rental cost of these storage units can really add up over time. Maybe THIS YEAR is the time to face the stuff and make some decisions.

Clutter really is delayed decision-making. Often, our lives have gotten too hectic and the stuff does pile up on us. Tackling garages and storage units by one’s self is a very daunting task and can be one of great frustration. These kinds of projects require an action plan and a team approach to be most successful.

Claim back your garage and stop paying for storage unit rentals!

Let the R.E.D. team bring you the energy and solutions you need to get this job done.

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