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Closets and Baths

At first glance closets and baths seem like small spaces so they shouldn’t be causing us any angst or distress. However, sometimes it’s the little things in life that nag on us. Such as:

Why can’t I find anything to wear in the morning?

Where are those great shoes that go with that outfit?

How come that shirt is missing a button and I didn’t know that until I put it on?

How can I replace my empty shampoo bottle while I’m soaking wet in the shower?


Let the R.E.D. team get these places and spaces under control. Whether big or small, closets and baths have specific functions and function best when we know what’s in them and where those items are located! Whether that’s a fab outfit for a presentation at work or the latest and greatest crème rinse that will be perfect for your hair, the R.E.D. team can create systems and solutions just for you!

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